About Us

Substance Use & Mental Health Counseling located in Sharpstown, Houston and Temple, TX

Trade It In, a counseling and therapy center in Houston and Temple, Texas, offers exceptional treatment and support for people struggling with substance use disorders and mental health problems like anxiety and depression. Substance use specialist Katrina Gary-Forté, PhD, is an expert in her field with multifaceted experience working, teaching, and supervising.

Dr. Gary-Forté works with a team of therapists and counselors specializing in the return to duty/SAP process, alcohol and drug testing, DOT (Department of Transportation) physicals, and individual, couples, and family therapy. Patients with substance use or addiction disorders benefit from the team’s expertise in substance use evaluation and  MAT (medication-assisted treatment) and intensive outpatient programs.

Dr. Gary-Forté aims to help patients uncover their true potential and lead a life worth celebrating. While it’s impossible to change difficult situations from the past, Dr. Gary-Forté excels at working with patients to better understand and resolve the challenges they face.

In addition to various forms of psychotherapy and medication, Trade It In uses selected complementary therapies. They help to unearth established behavior patterns and negative perceptions that often prevent people from experiencing a more fulfilling, meaningful life.

Dr. Gary-Forté provides therapy to individuals who walk the life of addiction and are in recovery, bringing different perspectives and angles to treatment beyond those of a clinical nature. 

Anyone looking for extra support and guidance when dealing with a challenging situation or feeling ready to move their life in a new direction could benefit from Trade It In’s holistic approach.

The practice’s motto is “Trade It In. We don’t mean your car.” People who follow this advice and contact Dr. Gary-Forté are one step closer to growth, empowerment, positivity, and enhanced well-being. To experience these benefits, Call Trade It In today or book an appointment online.